cut-out sugar cookies and royal icing.

cookie decorating has to be one of those classic to-do’s when the holidays come around. i’m quite fond of gingerbread cookie decorating, but i decided to change it up a bit this year. partially influenced from just wanting some change, i also wanted to see if i could find the perfect cut-out sugar cookie recipe. they are so hard to come by!

this particular recipe turned out absolutely perfect. i’m not too sure what it was about it. maybe it’s the lemon zest. or the cream cheese. whatever it is, this is a keeper.

everyone else seemed to agree too!

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100th POST: strawberry freeze.

i would do you a disservice to complete my 100th post and not have a beverage to cheers with. the weather has finally cooled off in boston. but, if you’re like me, any reason will do to make a cool, refreshing blended beverage. what better reason than my 100th post.

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lemon sorbet.

summertime sorbets have to be my favorite. forget the ice cream. just give me some citrusy, smooth sorbet, and i’m happy as a clam.

it’s really starting to feel like summertime here in boston. the temperature is hot, the sun is shining, and all i wanna do is go to the beach.

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lemon olive oil bundt cake.

c gave me a HUGE container of olive oil, because he didn’t need it anymore. i’ve been trying to think of ways to use it, because the container is just too overwhelming for me to look at sometimes.

i keep a list of baking recipes that i want to try. olive oil cake is on the list. i just never have that much olive oil to use. well, thanks to c, i was finally able to make olive oil cake happen. i saw a recipe for lemon cornmeal olive oil cake, but i decided to nix the cornmeal idea and just go for lemon and olive oil.

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blueberry scones.

tgif. sorry there’s no friday freebie today. this week was busy-er than i expected, considering it was a short week with easter monday.

it always happens like that: you think it means a little less work, but it never turns out like that. they always seem like a full week, because they’ve got a full week’s worth of work packed into the shorter time span.

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