red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies.

it’s valentine’s day week. i can already hear people around me dreading it.

the commercialized day of love.
another hallmark holiday.
because i’m single and everyone is in a relationship.
love sucks.

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brownie pudding.

sometimes, we all just need a moment to recharge. we need fresh air. to be reminded of the breath and depth of the larger picture when we’re tunnel visioned in the details.

after a weekend of long days, late nights, and draining student leader training sessions, i needed my recharge moment. spring semester starts this week, and i need to be in the right mindset. it is too soon to be feeling tired!

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happy birthday: red wine chocolate cake.

happy birthday, d!
today is m’s mom’s birthday, and yesterday we celebrated with gifts, dinner, and cake.

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mixed berry ricotta custard cake.

who knew something as simple as ricotta could taste like vanilla custard deliciousness?!
i sure as heck didn’t.

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nutella chocolate chip cookies.

my mentee, k, came to boston for a short visit. i always get so excited to see her. we don’t see each other as often since i’ve moved to boston and her schedule has gotten busier with research, being a resident advisor, classes, and all the other things she’s involved in.

every time i see her, i tell her that i want to be like her when i grow up.
she says,”i’m just trying to be like you!”

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