vanilla bean madeleines.

happy friday, and yay for a three day weekend!
today is one of my student leader’s partner’s birthday. they’re doing a small celebration for him, so she asked me to make a cake for his birthday.

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peanut butter and sriracha cookies.

i spent the first day of 2014 skiing. who woulda thought that this city girl would be saying that? i grew up saying that i wasn’t outdoorsy, spending most of my time picking up indoor activities. the last few years i’ve been living in new england, i’ve complained about how much i disliked snow. i rebelled by wearing skirts and flats in many feet of snow. skirts and flats still make my snow ensemble. i said you’d never see me skiing or snowboarding, because i’d rather be warm (and cute) in the lodge by the fireplace.

well, i guess i turned a new leaf. or something like that.
i really like skiing. and, in this nor’easter storm, i’d rather be skiing.

most people like to start the new year on a healthy note–juicing, fruits, veggies, working out/exercising, some kind of food/body cleanse. i know it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to do that. but, i prefer making a batch of cookies to share.

so, that’s what i’m doing.

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cut-out sugar cookies and royal icing.

cookie decorating has to be one of those classic to-do’s when the holidays come around. i’m quite fond of gingerbread cookie decorating, but i decided to change it up a bit this year. partially influenced from just wanting some change, i also wanted to see if i could find the perfect cut-out sugar cookie recipe. they are so hard to come by!

this particular recipe turned out absolutely perfect. i’m not too sure what it was about it. maybe it’s the lemon zest. or the cream cheese. whatever it is, this is a keeper.

everyone else seemed to agree too!

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funfetti cookies.

since i’ve been running, the baking has (significantly) decreased. i think i’m in denial that the decrease is significant, hence the parenthesis. others have noticed the significant decrease. yup, i’m calling you all out, rei boston.

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nutella chocolate chip cookies.

my mentee, k, came to boston for a short visit. i always get so excited to see her. we don’t see each other as often since i’ve moved to boston and her schedule has gotten busier with research, being a resident advisor, classes, and all the other things she’s involved in.

every time i see her, i tell her that i want to be like her when i grow up.
she says,”i’m just trying to be like you!”

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