funfetti cookies.

since i’ve been running, the baking has (significantly) decreased. i think i’m in denial that the decrease is significant, hence the parenthesis. others have noticed the significant decrease. yup, i’m calling you all out, rei boston.

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caesar bread.

everyone has their weird indulgences. that one thing that you eat in secret, because you think people will think you are disgusting.

well, i’m coming out and saying that this is my weird indulgence.
and, it will soon be yours too.

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banana bread french toast a la mode.

breakfast is my favorite meal. hands down. there’s something about breakfast foods dabbling in both the sweet and savory that make it so appealing. it’s the best of both worlds.

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banana bread.

s came to visit me for the weekend.

s and i have known each other since my first year of graduate school. i served as her formal mentor a few years back. she shared a challenging experience that deepened our relationship, and we’ve been super close ever since.

you could also say, “and the rest is history.” totally applicable in our case.

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focaccia with purple potato, caramelized onion, and cheese

it’s the first official snowy evening here in boston. i don’t like being in the snow, but i love seeing it. oh, and you know, taking photos of it.

it’s especially wonderful when you are the only one in the snow on campus.

the students are away for break, so i got to enjoy walking through campus and playing in the quad without interruption. it was beautiful and peaceful. i’m looking forward to the start of the spring semester and the return of their energy, but i’m diggin’ the calmness of campus right now.

it has been a mild winter, which i have enjoyed. but, that always comes at a cost. when it is mild, it never really feels like winter.

it feel like winter is finally here, even though december is coming to an end.

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