brownie pudding.

sometimes, we all just need a moment to recharge. we need fresh air. to be reminded of the breath and depth of the larger picture when we’re tunnel visioned in the details.

after a weekend of long days, late nights, and draining student leader training sessions, i needed my recharge moment. spring semester starts this week, and i need to be in the right mindset. it is too soon to be feeling tired!

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hot corn chile dip.

there’s been a ton of talk about 2014 being “the year.” how most people didn’t like 2013 and were happy to get rid of it.

i’ll admit, new year’s is my favorite holiday. i love getting a new calendar, the idea of starting anew, and setting fresh goals and a new focus.

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peanut butter and sriracha cookies.

i spent the first day of 2014 skiing. who woulda thought that this city girl would be saying that? i grew up saying that i wasn’t outdoorsy, spending most of my time picking up indoor activities. the last few years i’ve been living in new england, i’ve complained about how much i disliked snow. i rebelled by wearing skirts and flats in many feet of snow. skirts and flats still make my snow ensemble. i said you’d never see me skiing or snowboarding, because i’d rather be warm (and cute) in the lodge by the fireplace.

well, i guess i turned a new leaf. or something like that.
i really like skiing. and, in this nor’easter storm, i’d rather be skiing.

most people like to start the new year on a healthy note–juicing, fruits, veggies, working out/exercising, some kind of food/body cleanse. i know it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to do that. but, i prefer making a batch of cookies to share.

so, that’s what i’m doing.

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n&n’s top 10 recipes of 2013.

and, what rounds out the top 10?

we’ve had quite the year here on noms and notes. noms and notes turned 1 in november. (i know, i know, we didn’t even celebrate…). i did this thing called running. and, i fed many people!

before we kickstart 2014, let’s take a look at our top 10 recipes for 2013:
10cinnamon chip scones
9french toast crepes
8leche flan
7roasted strawberry, brie, and balsamic grilled cheese
6frangelico, nutella, chocolate chip cookie bars
5spaghetti with arugula and ricotta cheese
4chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars
3baked cinnamon sugar donuts
2whole wheat pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
1whole wheat carrot muffins

whole wheat stole the top 2 spots for 2013. cinnamon sugar rounds us out in the top 10.
but my favorite recipe of 2013? it didn’t make the top 10, but i’m giving it a shoutout anyway.

what do you hope to see more of in 2014?

molten chocolate peppermint cake.

i found this recipe a few years ago while flipping through my rachael ray magazine. i take this out for very special occassions: holidays, special company, and a particularly hard day when all seems to suck.

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