my story

gretchenrae. nicknamed g-rae. the educator. the food lover. the story teller.

a petite, twenty-something, filipina in boston finding meaning through my work on a college campus and in my tiny home kitchen.

i’m an educator by day and a self-taught wannabe pastry chef all the time.

i work in higher education. i am constantly questioning, exploring, and engaging in dialogue. my conversations range from identity, social justice, vocational discernment, milestone celebrations, the in-between achievements, and the how-are-you-doing-i-haven’t-seen-you-in-a-whiles. more often than not, these happen over cups of coffee and/or plates of food. when my colleagues and students need a little bit of encouragement, we’re celebrating a birthday, or just because, you’ll usually find me with baked goods in hand.

many have told me that i should start a blog, think about publishing a cookbook in the future, and share my recipes with the world.

i finally decided to take the plunge and started noms and notes in november 2012.

i love all things sweet, but you’ll see some savory stuff too. nothing too complicated. i like (vegetarian) food that will comfort you like a big hug.

thanks for joining me on this adventure of curiosities and noms.
i enjoy comments and likes, but feel free to send love and questions to
nomsandnotes (at) gmail (dot) com.


3 thoughts on “my story

  1. Thanks for checking out and following my blog recently! I hope you find some recipes that you can easily recreate for yourself. I appreciate your support in my baking adventures and hope you stop back again soon!


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