100th POST: strawberry freeze.

i would do you a disservice to complete my 100th post and not have a beverage to cheers with. the weather has finally cooled off in boston. but, if you’re like me, any reason will do to make a cool, refreshing blended beverage. what better reason than my 100th post.

one of my favorite cape cod places to go during the summertime is smitty’s ice cream shop. they make all their ice cream is handmade, rich, and flavorful. on hot summer days, i love sorbets and ice creams.

then, m introduced me to smitty’s raspberry freeze: a quenching combination of their homemade lemon sorbet, raspberry syrup, and seltzer water. a fizzy sorbet smoothie that left me wondering where it had been all my life. on the cape, apparently.

i haven’t made it to the cape as often as i would like to indulge in their raspberry freeze, so i tried my hand at a smitty’s copycat with a twist. strawberry instead of raspberry. voila!

if you made my lemon sorbet, then you’ve gotta make this.
if you haven’t made my lemon sorbet, then make it. now. and then make this beverage.

strawberry freeze
printable recipe – adapted from smitty’s ice cream

yield a bit over 1 cup (enough for one person)

two large spoonfuls of fresh strawberry puree, recipe below
3 scoops homemade lemon sorbet
about 1/3 cup lemon seltzer water

for the strawberry puree
1 pound fresh strawberries

this puree recipe will yield about 1 cup of strawberry puree.
to make the puree, you can use a blender or your immersion blender. for a blender, toss your clean strawberries into the pitcher and blend until smooth. for an immersion blender, toss your clean strawberries into a large bowl and blend until smooth. run strawberry puree through a sieve for a silky smooth puree. this puree can be made in advance and kept in an airtight container in your fridge until you are ready to use it.

for the strawberry freeze, you’ll need your blender or immersion blender again. in the container of a blender or the cup provided with your immersion blender, scoop in lemon sorbet. spoon in fresh strawberry puree. add seltzer water. blend until combined. pour into a glass of your choice and sip through a straw. refreshing!


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