vacation state of mind.

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it has been a while.

i said i would update after my maine adventure. it never happened. maine was delicious. i had all things blueberry, including blueberry soda and blueberry ice cream. m and i discovered this and added this cookbook to the collection.

i went to cape cod the following weekend with plans to see the fireworks. too bad it was cloudy. so, fireworks were abandoned. but, i still had a blast hanging capeside.

after that, i have no excuses.
except that i’ve been in that vacation state of mind.

i haven’t made anything entirely too notable in the kitchen. except for m’s birthday cake: moist dark chocolate cake, layered with fresh strawberries, frosted with nutella buttercream, and adorned with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

no pictures to show for it.
and, i know what you’re thinking: fail.

trust me when i say it was perfectly sweet and nutella-y with a punch of bright fruity flavor. if you have any doubts, you can ask m.

L got me this (!!!) for my birthday. it has been on my wishlist for months now. i’ve been searching for something to roll dough on. rolling dough on my countertops never turns out successful. i end up putting parchment paper down, so i don’t lose dough to the counter.

you can look forward to a scone/pie/something made with dough recipe soon. if you have recommendations, let me know. i’m up for the adventure. maybe not croissants. not ready for that commitment yet.

i am ready to recommit to more scrumptious food posts though.
don’t worry, i’m comin’ back full force.


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