cake demo @ flour bakery.

as an early birthday gift, m’s parents sent m and i to one of flour bakery’s cooking classes. they’re more demonstrations than actual cooking classes. we went to the let them eat cake! class.

let’s just say, it was awesome.

sarah, flour’s pastry chef, taught us how to bake, assemble, and finish two of their popular cakes: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate cake with milk chocolate swiss buttercream.

i learned to defrost cake by taking it out the day before i need it and putting in the fridge.

i learned how to make my own creme fraiche with 1 cup heavy cream and 1 tablespoon of buttermilk. mix it together. leave it on the counter overnight. stir it together. ta-da. creme fraiche.

at the end of it all, we got to eat!

we also got copies of the recipes, so we can make the cakes at home. i haven’t done that yet, but i’m hoping to make the carrot cake on the sooner side.

that’s sarah frosting the carrot cake. and, yes, i actually ate it and liked it. who would have thunk that the girl who hates carrots fell in love with their carrot cake? i guess that whole thing about how your tastes change every 7 years is true.

if you’re in boston and a foodie, this is a must-do. i’m thinking this will happen again in the future.


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