cucumber-honeydew-grape juice.

i recently had dinner with a friend and colleague, p. we went to this great thai place, stuffed our faces with delicious food, and caught up on each other’s lives.

we both work in student affairs. so, inevitably, our conversations relate back to work.

this time, we were talking about what cultural competency and social justice education mean and how they interact with each other. we both talked about how they relate to each other and that they rely on each other. one can’t exist without the other. that they are often used interchangeably in our field, but no one ever says what they really mean when they use buzz words like “cultural competency” and “social justice education.”

that’s when p said,”i love this about us! we just..” and i finished his sentence,”vibe!”
we gave each other the yougetit look.

it’s true. whenever we talk, we feed off what the other is saying, understand it, and sometimes even challenge it. it’s intellectual stimulation that i miss. we can mish-mash our ideas together to create something really cool.

(and yes, this juice is a mish-mash of things together that made something refreshing and light.)

he’s leaving for a summer adventure and will be gone for the next two months. but, when he returns, it’ll be an epic reunion. we’re even thinking of reviving our old blog (that has one lonely post). so, save the date: august 1st. a p&g reunion with more thought-provoking conversations, thai food, and probably an inspired juice recipe.

cucumber-honeydew-grape juice
printable recipe – yield 2 pint size mason jars

1 cucumber
2 handfuls red seedless grapes
1/4 honeydew

wash all ingredients. cucumber should have ends cut off. leave the peel and seeds in. grapes should be taken off the stem. honeydew should have seeds removed and peeled. cut ingredients small enough to fit through juicer.

add ingredients to juicer. drink immediately.


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