carrot-beet-pineapple juice.

i told you i started juicing. i’ve been wanting to try juicing for a while now. but, i know i didn’t want to try it while we were in the end of the academic year crunch time. my body just wouldn’t have been able to handle the adjustment.

now that it’s summer and quiet, i’m giving it a go. and, guess what?
i am officially a juicing addict.

i started off with more fruity juices. i got daring with a kale juice. i don’t think i’ll try that again any time soon.

but this one. this one’s a happy medium. not exactly a strawberry-watermelon-lime juice but not a green juice. i’m working my way there.

carrot-beet-pineapple juice
printable recipe – yield 1 pint-size mason jar

5 carrots
1 beet
1/3 of whole pineapple, top and husk removed

wash all ingredients. carrots, beet, and pineapple should be unpeeled and chopped in small enough pieces to fit in your given juicer.

add ingredients into your juicer. enjoy!


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