life in photos.

i know it’s been a while. the end of the semester has been a whirlwind, and it has finally slowed down. between end of the year awards banquets, commencement, and transitioning into summer, it has been non-stop.

here are some of my favorite iPhone photos from the last couple weeks:
top row: me and n–one of my student leaders;
me and a–she graduated with her bachelor’s!
bottom row
: me and k–she graduated with her master’s!;
juice–more on that if you…

in foodie news: i was able to start juicing! i purchased a hurom slow juicer, and i have developed a juicing addiction. the one pictured above is a watermelon-strawberry-lime juice.

for watermelon-strawberry-lime juice:
take the watermelon off the rind and cut into pieces. slice the strawberries in half with the greens on. cut the lime into wedges with the rind on. place ingredients through the juicer. drink. it was one of the first juices i had, and it is one of my favorites. try it. you’ll love it too.

i have more recipes coming up, including 6 layer dip, brown sugar oat muffins, mushroom ragout with polenta, and a chive focaccia topped with eggplant and orange peppers. i’m planning some baking adventures too.

so, i’m back and ready to give you more random education ramblings and baked good recipes. i’ll probably through in some juicing recipes while i’m at it!

stay tuned.


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