brown butter crispy rice treats.

i celebrated the last full work day of spring break by making something for our facilities crew. i saw them at lunch almost everyday this week and decided they needed a little something. it was also another way for me to make something sweet and not end up eating it all.

so, i decided to do another twist on an old favorite: crispy rice treats.

they appreciated them, and that made me super happy. there’s something about a crispy rice treat that can put a smile on almost anyone’s face.

this was also m’s first crispy rice treat that she actually liked that wasn’t the prepackaged one in the store! she says the homemade ones that she’s had in the past didn’t have enough marshmallow and too much cereal.

this one was a winner.

so, the next time you just want to make someone smile, i recommend these. they won’t let you down.

brown butter crispy rice treats
printable recipe – from flour cookbook

yield one 9×13 pan

2 sticks unsalted butter
1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 10-ounce bags of marshmallows
1/2 teaspoon salt
9 cups crispy rice cereal

coat a 9×13 pan with nonstick cooking spray.

melt butter in a large pan over medium low heat. using a knife, scrape the inside of the vanilla bean into the melting butter. butter will melt and then begin to bubble and brown. once it has browned (not burned!), turn heat to low. add marshmallows and salt. stir until marshmallows are melted.

take the pan off the heat and pour in cereal. mix until evenly coated. transfer mixture into prepared pan. smooth into even layer. allow to cool for at least an hour. cut into squares of desired size and enjoy!


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