new york city adventures.

have you gone on any cool work-related adventures?

i accompanied a group of students to a conference in NYC this past weekend. one of the benefits of working with student organizations is having the opportunity to go with them to really cool conferences and places. this is my second time going to this conference with a delegation from my institution, and it is always a great learning experience.

added bonus: it was a first to really spend some time in big apple, and it was a blast. it’s a hard place not to fall in love with.

no camera this weekend. just the good ol’ phone to snap some photographs. i don’t instagram, so no filters or that fancy business.

we got in very late in the evening, and we decided to go to korea town (k-town) to eat. many of the places were open 24 hours. why don’t we have a korea town/restaurants open 24 hours in boston? we need to make that happen!

apparently, i couldn’t get enough of k-town, because i was there the very next evening. i got to see one of my old students, sc. sc was the first college student i mentored after i graduated from undergrad. we instantly connected, and the rest is history. she mentors me as much as i may mentor her.

this was my first time in her city, so she took me to a really yummy place with prepared foods in “lunch boxes.” i got all that food above for $7. best deal ever, i think. and yes, we ate it all.

then we got baked goods at paris baguette–a place recommended to me by one of my old students that graduated last year.

that’s how good it was. devoured, pretty much. and, that’s in one sitting. one thing i failed to mention about me and sc–we eat like there’s no tomorrow. she ate all that from the right side. she’s basically a bottomless pit, and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

in addition to seeing sc, it was the first time i got to see s since he moved to nyc. we found a little cafe near the conference location, and i had the tastiest green tea latte ever.

before we departed nyc, we had to make a couple more stops. one of the students in our group is from long island, so she took us to two of her favorite places.

shake shack. their ‘shroom burger and black-and-white milkshake is a must-have. the portobello cap was breaded, which made it crunchy and different from other mushroom burgers i’ve had. winning.

and, crumbs bake shop for dessert. i recommend their apple cobbler cupcake and the featured girl scout chocolate mint cupcake. you will not regret it.

i’d say that was a perfect end to a busy, fun-filled nyc weekend. great conference. awesome group of students. a taste of the big apple.

now it’s back to the real world. luckily, i’ve got some tasty recipes coming your way.


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