happy valentine’s day.

i used to hate valentine’s day.

rather than being bitter, i decided in high school that i would just give love to everyone i love. i didn’t need a significant other to like valentine’s day. i had a lot of loved ones that deserved to be given love.

here i am, years later, still doing the same thing. i may be boo’d up now, but i still try my best to give love to those around me. this year’s gift to my student staff: olive oil chocolate chip cookies. i didn’t get to take photos, so i’ll have to make them again to share with you.

if you’re still looking for a dessert to make tonight special, i’ve got four recommendations for you. i’m a big fan of everything i’ve made so far on nomsandnotes, but i thought it would be most helpful to give you my selections.

from the top left clockwise:
cranberry and chocolate chip blondies
brown sugar cookies
chocolate mayo cupcakes with blackberry buttercream
red velvet chocolate chip cookies

sending some love from my boston kitchen to yours today and everyday!


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