this is the twelfth installment of kitchen notes. post-it wisdom from my kitchen. a way to remind myself of the important things.

reality reminded me that i haven’t prioritized myself. i’ve lost track of what day it is. i thought wednesday was friday and today was sunday. do you ever get that feeling?

not. my. favorite.

i started using a weekly menu planner. i’ve always wanted to do it, but i thought it would be too hard. i like to follow my cravings and creatively cook based on whatever is in my kitchen at that moment in time. surprisingly, it hasn’t hindered my creativity in the kitchen.

since getting a stack of cookbooks for the holiday, i have been intentional about picking out new recipes to cook. i have been putting my own twist on the recipes, so that’s where i have been creative.

creativity aside, i ran into my first bump in the road when i came home late one night from work too tired to cook what was on the menu planner. m looked at me and said,”we can stray away from that, you know? think of it more as a guide rather than something that you need to rigidly stick to.”

ii really wanted to stick to the plan. i thought it would be best in the end. not true. i ended up not cooking what was planned the other night and used the rest of the night to just relax. my mind, body, and heart were thankful for it later.

it’s all about prioritizing yourself. you gotta know when to put other things aside to do you.

after a week of using the meal planner, i’ve learned that lesson and a few other things:

  • it helps determine a grocery list. i used to go to the grocery store to just buy what i thought i would eat and then make up a dish later. i save more time and money using a meal planner as a guide for my grocery list.
  • you don’t have to rigidly stick to the plan. if you end up having leftovers from the day before and not making what was scheduled, it is okay.
  • make room in the schedule for eating leftovers. don’t waste food. i like leftovers. they make great work lunches.

wanna try menu planning? check these out for ideas.
report back.


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