eat cake.

 m and i had dinner with one of my old students today. k is from boston but goes to school out of state. so, we see each other whenever she comes home. k identifies me as her mentor. she seeks me out for advice on classes, work, relationships, and life. she had exciting stories to tell me, including that she was now a resident assistant (ra). k and i always knew she’d end up an ra. the only question was when. an opportunity showed itself a couple months ago, and she said yes. she is enjoying her residents, staff, and supervisors. all good things.

i love hearing all of the new news and accomplishments of old students. it reaffirms me that i am doing the work i am meant to do in higher education. it motivates me to do more and be more. relationships like this allow for real learning to take place, because we engage in conversations where we can be our authentic selves. this makes what i do so exciting; i learn something new from the students i work with every day.

k and i always eat well together. tonight was no different. we had vietnamese food in chinatown. pho, anyone? she was also craving cake, so we went to one of her favorite bakeries. i had only been here once before, and i got a few different pastries to share with m. this time, we decided to try their cakes. k’s birthday is coming up, so we thought this would be the best occasion to indulge.

k got their mixed berry cake. m got the blueberry devil cake. i got their black forest cake. it wasn’t what i remember black forest cake to taste like. it was never my favorite, but this definitely confirmed that it is not my style.

as the reunion ended, we made plans for another meal together this week. perhaps there is some cake baking in my future. stay tuned.


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